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E-government and digital management

Denmark has set the goal of being among the countries that are best at utilizing the global digital transformation to create growth and welfare. The ambition is to utilize the potentials of digital society across state, regional, and local levels of government to organize the public sector in a more flexible and efficient way and with higher quality of service for the citizens [1]. The core of e-government is to create better and more efficient solutions to administrative tasks through the use of information technology. The full digitalization of the public sector should ensure that work processes oriented toward paper handling and manual control are reduced, and that double work and unnecessary work processes are removed [2]. The goal is to reduce the costs in the public sector while improving citizen and company access to the public service. Digitalization of all major service areas and contacts with the public sector is seen as an important means to achieve these goals. Different stages in this digitalization process can be defined, moving from basic information published on the web, through increased interaction and integration, to high levels of direct public participation [1].

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