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The lighthouse in north jutland

In the region of North Jutland, implementation of such a comprehensive approach has been sought. During the years 2001 to 2003, a regional project known as “the Digital North Jutland” or “the Lighthouse project” was performed. With a grant of 170 million DKK (approximately 23 million Euro) from the Ministry of Information Technology and Research, the project aimed at testing the potentials of the network society for all citizens in North Jutland. This was done through a large number of different IT-based projects, organized in the general themes “Digital Management,” “Competence and Education,” “Information Technology and Vocational Development,” and “Information Technology and Infrastructure.” Many of the projects under the theme “Digital Management” concern public access to digital geographic information on the local and regional authorities’ web sites. Compared to what is offered at most public web sites, North Jutland wanted to broaden the spectrum of subjects and increase the level of interactivity in its GI-based applications on the web. For this purpose a service based on a map-metaphor user interface [4] was developed. At this moment eight different usages of the interactive map are suggested but not all implemented:

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